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    1. study of chemical characteristics of soy sauce and mixed soy sauce: chemical (...)

      by Lee, Young-Soon and Kim, Ji-Sang

      European Food Research & Technology, Volume 227, Issue 3, pp. 933 - 944

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    2. Evaluation of the differences between low-salt solid-state fermented soy sauce and (...)

      by Wu, Dianhui; Liu, Hua; Lu, Jian and Chen, Xingguang

      Journal Of The Science Of Food And Agriculture, Volume 104, Issue 1, p. 340

      Journal Article

    3. Characterization of the aroma-active compounds in black soybean sauce, a (...)

      by Wang, Zejian; Wang, Bo; Shan, Pei; Ma, Haile; Feng, Tuo; Gao, Xianli; Sheng, Mingjian and Zhang, Yaqiong

      Food Chemistry, Volume 364, p. 130334

      Journal Article

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    1. What Do Beer, Dogs, And Soy Sauce Have In Common?

      American Institute of Physics.

      Book, Video : View Online

    2. Japan, man and nature in Harmony. Shoyu and the secrets of Japanese Cuisine

      NHK, Asia Documentary Productions, Point du Jour present a film by Shohei Shibata.

      Video : View Online

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      would dip the dumplings in dark pools of soy sauce. The beginning of the end came in 2015, when our

    2. The Hong Kong Book Fair - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      War Xi Dada Dark Soy Sauce China by Zunzi. Bo Yang a Chinese historian and poet, describes Chinese

    3. Sallie Bingham Center - Food History at the Rubenstein Library - LibGuides at Duke University

      , olives, soy sauce - as well as foods grown or cooked. Other hints about marketing - buying fish

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