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    1. Evaluating factors influencing customers' intention to eat Korean cuisine "Samgyeopsal" (...)

      by Diaz, Josh Gasty F; Maun, Andrea Lorraine M; Prasetyo, Yogi Tri; Monteiro, Charlotte N; Moral, E J Meinard G; Persada, Satria Fadil; Manguray, Atheena Rhezelle B; Nadlifatin, Reny; Ayuwati, Irene Dyah; Dangaran, Venice Cristine C; et al.

      Plo S One, Volume 18, Issue 5.

      Journal Article : Full Text Online


      by O. Marco, Ninevetch Grace and HM, DBM

      Acta Scientifica Malaysia, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp. 17 - 20

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    3. “Wild fish are a blessing”: changes in fishing practices and folk fish cuisine around (...)

      by Andrea Pieroni; Baiba Prūse; Aimee Ciriaco; Sophia Kochalski; Giulia Mattalia; Jimlea Nadezhda Mendoza and Renata Sõukand

      Journal Of Ethnic Foods, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 11

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

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    1. Pampanga, Philippines

      Looking Glass Pictures.

      Book, Video : View Online

    2. Step by Step Cooking Filipino : Delightful Ideas for Everyday Meals

      Book : View Online

    3. Indigenous Culture, Education and Globalization : Critical Perspectives from Asia

      edited by Jun Xing, Pak-sheung Ng.

      Book : View Online

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    1. J. Walter Thompson Company. Publications collection, 1887-2005

      The J. Walter Thompson Company, founded in 1864, is one of the largest enduring advertising agencies in the U.S. The J. Walter Thompson Company (...)

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