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    1. Risk-based control of food-borne pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica in (...)

      by Rovetto, F; Mataragas, M; Cocolin, L; Bellio, A; Decastelli, L and Astegiano, S

      Meat Science, Volume 103, p. 39

      Journal Article

    2. La programación biopolítica de la Capital Federal durante la última dictadura cívicomilitar en (...)

      by Félix Blengino, Luis and Gabriel Dalmau, Iván

      Meridional (Santiago, Chile), Issue 19, p. 105

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    3. Differential gene expression profiling of Listeria monocytogenes in Cacciatore and (...)

      by Rovetto, F; Bellio, A; Rantsiou, K; Decastelli, L; Alessandria, V; Mataragas, M and Cocolin, L

      Food Microbiology, Volume 46, p. 408

      Journal Article

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    1. DiSabato's Cooking Recipe Booklet… Cook Cacciatore Style at home!, circa 1950s

      Category: Soups and Sauces Company: Supreme Wine Company Inc. Product: DiSabato's Cacciatore Marinade, Cooking Sherry, Red Cooking Wine, White (...)

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