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    1. Personal Papers and Departmental Records | Duke University Libraries

      reports, speeches and other printed materials. Topics include automotive safety, cigarettes, food safety

    2. Teaching with the Archive | Duke University Libraries

      : Milk Grading Standards Food Purity Pesticide Contamination (including materials related to the Bhopal

    3. Amenities | Duke University Libraries

      (Bostock 127).   Vending Machines Food and Beverage vending machines are located on Lower Level 1

    4. Hartman Center Collections and Guides | Duke University Libraries

      Archives Databases for Advertising and Marketing Direct Marketing Materials Food History Ford Motor Company

    5. Doctoral Research Space Guidelines & Policies | Duke University Libraries

      will be charged $15 (static locker) / $25 (Mobile locker) for key replacement. Food and other perishables may

    6. Library Council Minutes - 10/22/2015

      at a time. One thing that’s missing from Lilly is the food - the limited availability of food is kind of odd

    7. Lockers | Duke University Libraries

      food or drink in the lockers. Yearlong assigned lockers Who is eligible for assigned lockers? Eligible

    8. Conservation Services Department | Duke University Libraries

      Preservation policy development and implementation (i.e. pest management, care and handling, food and drink

    9. End of semester survival guide, Fall 2019 | Duke University Libraries

      — the entire fourth floor is devoted to quiet study. Quiet spaces (food-free): Thomas Room in Lilly Library

    10. About Consumer Reports | Duke University Libraries

      of issues relating to health, infant wellness, food security, pesticides, and sustainability.  Eventually

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