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    1. Women at the Center - Issue 5, Summer 2003

      ), and Sister- hood is Global (1984). Issue 5, Spring 2003 Page 3 We’re On the Web! http

    2. Women at the Center - Issue 23, Spring 2013

      Appraisal (UNC Library Science) Girls Go Global (Women’s Studies) Narratives of Struggle (Writing 101

    3. Among Friends - Summer 2012

      on “scientometrics,” the scientific management of science. There’s also the impulsive young seducer addicted to high

    4. Collections | Duke University Libraries

      was awarded the 2010 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science. The Peter Diamond papers date from 1963 to 2013

    5. Front and Center - Summer 2014, Vol 20, No 1

      ’ in Science, Industry, Culture in Britain and the United States, 1884-1950.” Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grants

    6. Front and Center - Winter 2013, Vol 19, No 2

      requests to: 919.660.5827 or fax: 919.660.5934 We’re on the web at: http

    7. Front and Center - Summer 2005, Vol 11, No 1

      , Goldman Sachs, GATX, and Fleet Financial. She earn ed a Masters in Library and Informat ion Science from

    8. Microsoft Word - Ex-californica.docx

      is Brenda’s first girlfriend. They meet in a political science class in the beginning of Brenda’s senior year

    9. Keep Current - CHEM 701: Research Orientation Seminar - LibGuides at Duke University

      in a new window Keep Current Types of information alerts Create a Web of Science Search Alert Create

    10. Literature Searching - BIOLOGY 495: Scientific Argument in Writing - LibGuides at Duke University

      of prior Biology Honors Theses submitted to DukeSpace. Recommended Literature Databases Web of Science

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