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    1. A Day in the Life: Rubenstein vs. "The Brain" Virus - The Devil's Tale

      A Thanksgiving Menu from the Hartman Center Next Post Soup or Salad? Sealtest Suggests Soup. Dispatches from

    2. Book Reviews: Conscious Capitalism & Change - Ford Library

      sat next to a 20-something woman who runs her own vegan soup business in Durham, Short Winter Soups

    3. Cleaning/Parsing - Introduction to Text Analysis - LibGuides at Duke University

      : Beautiful Soup scrubber (also lemmatizes, removes stop words with prepared lists) HTML to Text (or Story

    4. Holiday Shopping with Don Draper - The Devil's Tale

      from Campbell’s Soup? Perhaps he could make Tomato Ice by freezing Tomato Soup, or chill some Consommé

    5. 19th Century Ads - Print Advertisements Collections - LibGuides at Duke University

      Kodak (1890s–1970s), and Campbell Soup (1900s–1970s). Other companies and products, including

    6. Turkey leftovers? Problem Solved. - The Devil's Tale

      recipes thanksgiving Post navigation Previous Post Soup or Salad? Sealtest Suggests Soup. Next Post Neelon

    7. Events - Fall 2007 - Duke University Libraries Magazine

      is “Alphabet Soup: From CBS to BBC, some news about The News.” Saturday, 3 November, 11am, Perkins Library

    8. What I Did on My Summer Vacation - Bitstreams: The Digital Collections Blog

      traditional dinner with the staff that included regional specialties like hairy crab soup, tender loofah

    9. People and Advertisers - Radio and Television - LibGuides at Duke University

      Theater"; "Playhouse 90" (for Bristol Myers); "Lassie" and "The Donna Reed Show" (for Campbell's Soup

    10. The Goodson Blogson: Win a Spring Semester Survival Kit!

      of highlighters Candy assortment Microwave popcorn Campbell ’s Chunky Soup bowls (2) Easy Mac & Cheese (2) Plastic

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