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    1. 5 Titles: Environmental Justice - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      . This month, the five titles have been selected by Janil Miller, Librarian for Marine Science and Coordinator

    2. Alerts! - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      and Political Science collection Statistics of the Third Reich analysed, 1933-1944” Contact person: Heidi Madden

    3. Digital Project Profiles: Project Vox - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      work.” Abigail Flanigan , 2016 MLS from the UNC-CH School of Information & Library Science “In my time

    4. Preservation Underground - Page 39 of 56 - Duke University Libraries Preservation

      . See our web sites for more on Mr. Rubenstein’s gift to the library, current renovation news , and more

    5. The Goodson Blogson: 2013

      enrolled in accredited graduate programs in library science, law, history, and related fields. Entries must

    6. Scholarly Communications @ Duke - Page 14 of 58 - Discussions about the changing world of scholarly

      in a library science journal published by Taylor & Francis, and that I was not expecting it.  Two sources

    7. Scholarly Communications @ Duke - Page 6 of 58 - Discussions about the changing world of scholarly c

      with the fundamental human right of access to science and culture. In only its third paragraph, the report reminds us

    8. Lesbian Pulp Fiction - Lesbian & Gay Pulp Fiction - LibGuides at Duke University

      her from the web of vice; she has a couple of lesbian encounters, but lesbians aren't the focus

    9. Internet Resources - Chinese Studies - LibGuides at Duke University

      links to business and company web site and information. 北京大学中国经济研究中心 全国政策咨询信息网  国务院发展研究中心

    10. Preservation Underground - Page 41 of 56 - Duke University Libraries Preservation

      training in library and archives preservation. She went on to earn a Masters in Library Science from

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