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    1. Duke Libraries Preservation Week 2021 Events - Preservation Underground

      teen event and learn how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics intersect with the arts

    2. Auditing Archival Description for Harmful Language: A Computer and Community Effort - Bitstreams: Th

      studying Computer Science and Linguistics with a minor in Arabic. As a student employee in the Rubenstein’s

    3. What Is a Vital Lilly Library Resource? Meet the Lilly Class of 2023 - Duke University Libraries Blo

      major: Psychology, plus minors in Computer Science and Math Activities on campus: Duke University

    4. What to Read this Month: October 2018 - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      career.  So she accepts her place in the National Science Foundation’s Artists & Writers Program

    5. Black Panther & The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      the heart-shaped herb. He also utilizes his proficiency in science, rigorous physical training, hand-to-hand

    6. Meet Lilly’s Class of 2020: Jessica - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      Academic major: Statistics and Computer Science Activities on campus: Marching & Pep Band Favorite

    7. What to Read this Month: February - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      with—of all things—her mind. True chemistry results. But like science, life is unpredictable. Which is why

    8. Lilly Collection Spotlight on Photography - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      ,  Lilly Library offers a wide range of books and film about the art, science and history of photography

    9. Take the Library Home Over Winter Break - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past science fiction trilogy that begins with The Three Body Problem

    10. Meet Lilly’s Class of 2015 part III - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      : Double major in Economics and French Studies, minor in Environmental Science and Policy ● Activities

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