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    1. Running WILD in The Edge - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      projects! This post was written and compiled by Hannah Pope, a Master’s of Library Science student at UNC

    2. What to Listen to this Month: June 2021 - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      chapters, she takes us through the science behind the key inventions—from electric power to large-scale

    3. 2021 Banned Books Week - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      department at Duke and second year graduate student in the School of Information and Library Science at UN

    4. LIFE Summer Fellowship reflections: From 23% to 4% of the population, Pakistani religious minorities

      is a senior majoring in Economics and Statistical Science.  I grew up as a Hindu attending a Catholic school

    5. What to Read this Month: October 2018 - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      career.  So she accepts her place in the National Science Foundation’s Artists & Writers Program

    6. What to Read this Month: November 2018 - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      to elevate subjectivity over factuality, science, and common values.  And she returns us to the words

    7. Meet Lilly’s Class of 2020: Jessica - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      Academic major: Statistics and Computer Science Activities on campus: Marching & Pep Band Favorite

    8. Meet Lilly's Class of 2020: Esha - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      : Charlotte, NC Family/siblings/pets: 1 older brother, no pets Academic major: Economics and Political Science

    9. Collection Spotlight: Asian American Studies - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      academic discipline that helps us to better understand American history. The second is social science

    10. The Goodson Blogson: June 2014

      Research on the Web or Ask a Librarian . Posted by J. Michael Goodson Law Library at 10:05 AM Labels

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