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    1. Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing (DC3) - Page 12 of 20 - a collection of parts flying in lo

      building a web-facing environment that allows papyrologists, that is scholars who study the documents

    2. The Library is as Awesome as My Bike - Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing (DC3)

      & Sciences , also helped get the DC3 off the ground, we spent much of the last decade building a web-facing

    3. Ford Library

      . You can access GFDatabase from our web database list. Note: some series visible in the Categories list

    4. Preservation Underground - Page 56 of 56 - Duke University Libraries Preservation

      programs entail. Science for Conservators volumes one through three. Organic chemistry for non-scientists

    5. Scholarly Communications @ Duke - Page 51 of 58 - Discussions about the changing world of scholarly

      in Library and Information Science. She is working on a major paper on the impact of mass digitization

    6. The Devil's Tale - Page 114 of 123 - Dispatches from the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscrip

      Webpages (At Least 457,009 of Them) June 16, 2010 Amy McDonald Archive-It's capture of

    7. Scholarly Communications @ Duke - Page 55 of 58 - Discussions about the changing world of scholarly

      : the routine caching that computers must do to display web pages, in-line linking and framing of web pages

    8. Remembering Jan Merrill-Oldham - Preservation Underground

      on to earn a Masters in Library Science from the University of Rhode Island and to establish the University

    9. Congratulations to Our 2017 Library Writing and Research Award Winners! - Duke University Libraries

      for political science or public policy. Honors Thesis Prize: Tara Bansal for “Analyzing the Development

    10. What to read this month - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      Congress but Surrendered the White House by Thomas F. Schaller, a professor of political science

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