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    1. The Goodson Blogson: America's First Patent: 225 Years of History & Mystery

      of the U.S. Constitution vested Congress with the power "[t]o promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts

    2. Commencement Weekend Hours for Library Exhibits - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      Duke Biddle Room Heralding the Way to a New World: Exploring Women in Science and Medicine through

    3. New Franklin Gallery Exhibits in Carr Building Feature Library Materials - Duke University Libraries

      by Carson Holloway, Librarian for History of Science and Technology, Military History, British and Irish

    4. Congratulations to Our Research and Writing Award Winners! - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      for political science or public policy. Chitra Balakrishnan tor “Creating Response Networks to Address Victims

    5. Library and Campus Events - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      for the Social Science Research Institute or SSRI (some of these, in fact, are cross-listed on the library

    6. 1091 Project: Portrait of the Student Technician - Preservation Underground

      , students with musical backgrounds are excellent at following instructions, and research science students

    7. Tool Time: Lifting and Scraping - Preservation Underground

      ? Ashley-Smith, J. (1992). Science for conservators: Volume 2 cleaning . London: Museums and Galleries

    8. Welcome to Our New Intern: Garrette Lewis-Thomas - Preservation Underground

      the help of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the University of Delaware College of Arts and Science

    9. Mendeley is ALSO on Wordpress! - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      .” If you are a Mendeley user (hence more science-y than humanities-y) you’ll appreciate this plug in.  Post

    10. Library Writing and Research Award Winners - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      collections, the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and primary sources for political science

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