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    1. Getting Started - Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies - LibGuides at Duke University

      , 5 ) Encyclopedia of Russian and Slavic Myth and Legend The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern

    2. Primary Sources - Medieval & Renaissance Studies - LibGuides at Duke University

      Primary Sources in the English Language and Translation into English Example: British History Online

    3. Bibliographies - Turkish Studies - LibGuides at Duke University

      ) The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature - English Osmanlı Edebiyatı Bibliyografyası Veritabanı

    4. Special Collections | Duke University School of Law

      dictionary, Giles Jacob’s A New Law-Dictionary ; the earliest is an English edition published in 1730

    5. Online Reference & Databases - South Asia - LibGuides at Duke University

      by university-level scholars in Classical Indian Studies". A Dictionary of Hinduism Oxford Reference Online

    6. Common Grammar Mistakes | Duke University Medical Center Library Online

      be open, closed, or hyphenated, and this can vary throughout time as English changes.  Compound words can

    7. The Goodson Blogson: 2014

      : In 2005, linguistic experts uncovered the New Oxford American Dictionary 's copyright trap, "esquivalience

    8. The Goodson Blogson: 2019

      overviews of legal topics in electronic format, you might also be interested in Oxford Handbooks in Law

    9. The Devil's Tale - Page 26 of 122 - Dispatches from the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript

      Dictionary of National Biography , Oxford University Press; online edn, May 2015 [

    10. Bibliographies - Islamic History/Historiography - تاريخ - LibGuides at Duke University

      Asian Studies, 1988. [S.l.]: Oxford University Press, 1983. Perkins/Bostock Library PL1.A18 U735 v.146

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