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    1. The prehistoric roots of Chinese cuisines: Mapping staple food systems of China, 6000 (...)

      by Liu, Xinyi and Reid, Rachel E B

      Plo S One, Volume 15, Issue 11.

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    2. To Appreciate and Analyze Names of Chinese Cuisine in English

      by 胡宇欣

      海外英语(上), Issue 2, pp. 164 - 167

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    3. Making "Chinese Cuisine": The Grand Hotel and Chuan-Yang Cuisine in Postwar Taiwan

      by Chen, Yujen and Tseng, Pintsang

      Global Food History, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 110 - 127

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

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    1. A foodie's guide to Chinese cuisine

      [text by Sun Qinqin, Tao Yu, Tang Mingjun ; photographs by Dai Xiang ... [et. al.] ; editors, Ye Jiasheng, Anna Nguyen ; translation, Wu Xiaozhen].


      Perkins & Bostock Library, TX724.5.C5 S95813 2010 

    2. Best of Chinese cuisine : Vegetarian = [上品中国菜 : 素食] / Best of Chinese cuisine : Vegetarian = (...)

      MC 编辑部 (新加坡) 编. / MC editorial team (Singapore) bian.


      Perkins & Bostock Library, TX724.5.C6 B483 2011 

    3. Best of Chinese cuisine : Home style = [上品中国菜 : 家常菜] / Best of Chinese cuisine : Home style = (...)

      Sam Leong著. / Sam Leong zhu.


      Perkins & Bostock Library, TX724.5.C6 L46 2011 

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    1. The Oriental - Durham's first Chinese Restaurant - Duke University Libraries Blogs

      was embedded. David Whalin Dwd says: February 16, 2022 at 8:52 am I was introduced to Chinese cuisine in Durham

    2. Book Reviews: Innovation and Creativity - Ford Library

      . Gadget published the Top 10 Chinese Knockoffs of 2012. No surprise to find the iPhone and the iMac

    3. Frankfurter Kranz: A Frankly Extravagant Cake (1969) - Rubenstein Library Test Kitchen - The Devil's

      to pass up. The cuisine of nearby Scandinavia (also lots of beets) piqued my interest. It involved a lot

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    1. Chinese Cuisine Book, Undated


    2. 0042-98: Staff: Duke Employees at the Han's Fine Chinese Cuisine, 1998 January

      folder contains job numbers 0041-98, 0042-98, 0044-98

    3. Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery, 1931

      Category: Multiple Products

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