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    1. Comparison of Physicochemical Properties of 7S and 11S Globulins from Pea, Fava Bean, (...)

      by Motoyama, Shiori; Kimura, Aiko; Zhang, Meili; Maruyama, Nobuyuki; Fukuda, Takako and Utsumi, Shigeru

      Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, Volume 56, Issue 21, pp. 10273 - 10279

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    2. Safety Assessment of Soy-Derived Ingredients as Used in Cosmetics

      by Liebler, Daniel C; Peterson, Lisa A; Belsito, Donald V; Shank, Ronald C; Fiume, Monice; Snyder, Paul W; Heldreth, Bart; Bergfeld, Wilma F; Klaassen, Curtis D; Cherian, Priya; et al.

      International Journal Of Toxicology, p. 10915818241231249

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    3. Composition, structure, morphology and physicochemical properties of lablab bean, navy (...)

      by Maaran, S; Liu, Q; Hoover, R and Donner, E

      Food Chemistry, Volume 152, p. 491

      Journal Article

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    1. Bean : the script book

      by Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll ; with a foreword by Mel Smith ; photography by Melissa Moseley, Suzanne Hanover and Liam Daniel.


      Library Service Center, PN1997 .D7 1997 c.1

    2. Anne Bean : self etc.

      edited by Rob La Frenais.


      Lilly Library, NX547.6.B43 A86 2018 

    3. Richard Bean : plays 6

      Richard Bean ; with an introduction by Michael Coveney.


      Perkins & Bostock Library, PR6052.E18 A6 2020 

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    1. Textbooks and Bean Bags: The 2018 Student Library Satisfaction Survey - Bitstreams: The Digital Coll

      Textbooks and Bean Bags: The 2018 Student Library Satisfaction Survey - Bitstreams: The Digital

    2. (...)

      i ver•si ty, we have nominated Robert T. Bean, one of your old chums, as a candidate for the office

    3. Veterans of Future Wars (VFW) | Duke University Libraries

      activities of the VFW was the nomination of Robert Bean, a Duke junior from Kentucky, as a candidate

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    1. A Two-Bean Theory

    2. Goya--Bean Book :30, Undated

    3. Goya--Bean Book :30, 1980

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    1. Scelta d'arie composte per suo diletto. Volume 2

      Marianne Martines ; edited by Shirley Bean.

      Archival and manuscript material, Music score

      Music Library, M1611.M37 S32 2015 

    2. James Jacob Wolfe Papers, 1909.

      Archival and manuscript material

      University Archives, RUB Bay 2029 UA Small Collections Box 4 2 items c.1

    3. National Agricultural Library digital collections.

      Archival and manuscript material, Government publication, Image, Web page or site : View Online

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