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    1. Cognition, Technology, and Organizational Limits: Lessons from the Air France 447 Disaster

      by Potočnik, Kristina; Oliver, Nick and Calvard, Thomas

      Organization Science (Providence, R.I.), Volume 28, Issue 4, pp. 729 - 743

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    2. Shift Planning Under Delay Uncertainty at Air France: A Vehicle-Scheduling Problem with (...)

      by Poullet, Julie and Parmentier, Axel

      Transportation Science, Volume 54, Issue 4, pp. 956 - 972

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

    3. Distributive justice, procedural justice, exemplarity, and employees' willingness to cooperate (...)

      by Melkonian, Tessa; Noorderhaven, Niels G. and Monin, Philippe

      Human Resource Management, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp. 809 - 837

      Journal Article : Full Text Online

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    1. Air France.

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    2. Air France KLM


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    3. Entretien (Air France).

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    1. Microsoft Word - Ex-californica.docx

      emerges from the pit of her stomach. “Hi,” Brenda says. As it leaves her mouth, something in the air

    2. 1931-1940 - Ad*Access Research Guide - LibGuides at Duke University

      . 1936-1940 International Affairs 1936. Germany invades the Rhineland, which it had lost to France in WWI

    3. The Anti-Semitic Press · A Mockery of Justice: Caricature and the Dreyfus Affair · Duke University L

      1894. Since the publication of La France Juive in 1886, Drumont had kept up a barrage of anti-Semitic

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    1. Air France

    2. Air France

    3. Air France, 1952-2018

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    1. Letter from an American army officer in Latrecey, France, to Elizabeth, his daughter, 1918 (...)

      Archival and manuscript material, Book

      Rubenstein Library, Sec. A Box 180 Folder 1

    2. Les sept Pseaumes de David

      mis en air par Mme. Bembo ...

      Archival and manuscript material, Music score

      Music Library, M1462 

    3. Louis Gougeon advertising portfolio, 1934-1939 and undated.

      Archival and manuscript material

      Rubenstein Library, Library Service Center Box 1

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